We offer customized, competitive prices with reward options to fit every school’s individual needs. These options rang from fundraising promotions, that help raise money towards new equipment for the playground, books for the class room or whatever is needed as a way to give back to the children, to discounted packages that pass the savings directly to your families. We also offer discounts for families with siblings and staff members. We are confident that we have the right pricing options for your school.


Choosing the right photography company and in turn the right photographer is arguably one of the most important decisions you can make. Because it makes the difference, our photographers are professionally trained with over 22 years of combined experience. The type of experience that helps us know exactly what it takes to put a child at ease and capture that perfect expression. They are trained to work with children of all ages and pay close attention to every detail during a shoot. We wipe faces, comb hair, and fix clothes to ensure the best portraits possible. Everyone here at RFP loves what they do and it shows in our work.


With a wide variety and selection of hand painted and custom printed backgrounds, props for every season, top of the line photography equipment, combined with years of on-location photography experience, and a partnership with a local Richmond-based printing lab, we are able to deliver quality portraits in a fraction of the time then our competitors.


We are committed to 100% satisfaction, leaving you and your families smiling long after picture day has ended!